About Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre

The Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre is led by Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr Benjamin Yip. The term “Alpha” was inspired by the first letter of the classical Greek alphabet and the first number. Similarly, the Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre strives to be your first point of contact for any gastrointestinal conditions, from comprehensive screening services to diagnostic tests and minimally invasive treatment procedures.

Dr Yip believes that gastrointestinal health is hugely interconnected to our whole-body health and sees patients with General Medical, as well as Gastroenterology and Hepatology problems. With that in mind, the centre places great emphasis in caring for all aspects of your gut health — from preventative measures to personalised treatment plans with minimally invasive treatment procedures.

Alongside an experienced team, the Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre provides gut health management advice, prompt scheduling services, diagnostic tests and treatment plans tailored to patients with all needs and concerns.


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