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What is GASTROClear?

GASTROClear is the world’s first molecular blood test developed in Singapore used to detect early-stage stomach (also known as gastric) cancer. GASTROClear detects all stages of stomach cancer with up to 86% sensitivity and up to 89% specificity in an asymptomatic average-risk population. 

The novelty of GASTROClear lies in its non-invasive nature and accuracy in detecting stomach cancer in its early stages, when symptoms are not present. This is a useful option for patients who are not keen on gastroscopic screening, and helps your gastroenterologist assess your risk for stomach cancer, and discern whether a gastroscopy is necessary.

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How does GASTROClear work?

Your blood will be drawn by your doctor and sent to an MOH-certified lab.

GASTROClear works by measuring a panel of 12 microRNA biomarkers in a single blood draw (5ml), detecting 87% of all stomach cancers. These 12 microRNAs are then translated into a risk score calculated by a proprietary algorithm that is clinically validated. Once the test is completed, patients will be classified based on risk scores: low risk, intermediate risk, or high risk. Doctors are then provided with follow-up recommendations depending on risk scores to manage each group.

MicroRNA (also known as miRNA) refers to a family of molecules that control gene expression, or how cells control the kinds of amounts of protein they synthesize. In cancer cells, microRNA genes can be damaged by mutations.

You will receive your report within 7 to 10 working days.


Minimally Invasive

Only requires onesingle draw ofblood (5ml)

Detects risk of gastric cancer before symptomsappear

Detects risk of gastric cancer before symptomsappear

Higher accuracy for detecting gastric cancer inits earlier stages

When should I get a GASTROClear test done in Singapore?

GASTROClear is meant to complement a gastroscopy (procedure to examine the upper gastrointestinal tract) and other diagnostic tests. An intermediate or high-risk score may indicate the presence of cancer cells and hence, the need to run other tests, such as a gastroscopy and tissue biopsy. 

While a gastroscopy is currently the most sensitive test for stomach cancer, due to GASTROClear blood test’s non-invasive nature, it might be a friendlier and more comfortable option for patients who wish to test for early stage stomach cancer but are afraid of undergoing a gastroscopy. 

Depending on your age, risk factors and lifestyle, Dr Yip will advise accordingly.


Minimally Invasive


Who should get a GASTROClear test?

Adults of both genders at age 40 years and above can get a GASTROClear test done.

Anyone with the following risk factors is also advised to get GASTROClear test:

  • Family with a history of stomach cancer
  • You have a history of Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) infection
  • Continued stomach inflammation or chronic gastritis
  • High intake of fried foods, smoked foods, salted fish, processed meats, pickled foods, and food containing nitrites and nitrates (commonly found in cured meats)
  • Low intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Heavy smoking or alcohol drinking

Why should I undergo regular GASTROClear screening?

The majority of early-stage stomach cancer patients do not show symptoms. Stomach cancer patients have a 70% higher chance of surviving more than 5 years when detected early. Effective and early screening can detect cancer cells earlier. Upon detection in its early stage, stomach cancer is curable.

How often should I get a GASTROClear test done?

Stomach cancer can be cured when cancer cells are detected early before any symptoms start to show.

Depending on your age and certain risk factors (based on diet and lifestyle), you can repeat a GASTROClear test based on your score results.

  • Low risk (score <40):
    Repeat test after 1 year

  • Intermediate risk (score between 40 - 50):
    Repeat test after 6 months, and a gastroscopy may be recommended, depending on your current health condition and other risk factors.

  • High risk (score >50):
    Your doctor will advise you to proceed with a Gastroscopy

How much is GASTROClear in Singapore?

GASTROClear is priced at around $300 before GST.

How accurate is GASTROClear?

GASTROClear has a higher detection rate than traditional cancer markers. In recent clinical trials, the test detected 87.5% stage I and 89.5% stage II stomach cancers. 

Furthermore, studies have shown that GASTROClear is 20% more accurate than other blood-based biomarker tests for stomach cancer.

GASTROClear Higher Detection Rate


Stomach cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the world based on the World Health Organisation (WHO), with East Asian countries accounting for half of the world’s stomach cancer incidences. Thankfully, stomach cancer can be cured in its early stages — making early detection crucial. A GASTROClear test is a non-invasive and blood-based test that can detect early-stage stomach  cancers. We hope this guide has provided you with a better understanding of what to expect from a GASTROClear test. If you have any further questions, you may contact one of our friendly staff who will be happy to answer any further queries you may have.


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